About US

The RMIT Hockey Club was founded in 1972 by RMIT students. Club members played their first game on April 8 1972.  This year we are celebrating 47 years of being a competitive and social club. Since its formation, the club has grown and now have three men’s teams and two women’s teams. Catering for all levels of senior hockey. The men play in the Vic League 3, Pennant F, and Metro B competitions whilst the women play in the Pennant F and Metro B competitions.

Theme Songs

Hooray for techers
Hooray at last
Hooray for techers
We always kick arse
We are the champions
Join us as we sing
There’s no team that can defeat the razzle dazzle kings


We’re RMIT
We killed them with our sticks
We’ll do it every time
And we going to have a hot time in the old town tonight!